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Edit link

If you host your notes on an online platform like GitHub that supports online editing of Markdown files, you can add an Edit this note link that will be shown in the panel on the right side of the page.

You can configure the URL of the edit link in the app.json file as shown below. Omit the configuration if you want to hide the link.

// /app.json
  "editThisNote": {
    // URL to the online editor
    "url": "{{file}}",

    // Example for GitHub
    // Replace "johndoe/my-notes" with your repository
    "url": "{{branch}}/{{file}}",

    // If the link should open in a new tab (optional)
    // Default: false
    "openInNewTab": true

The url property supports the following placeholders:

Placeholder Description Example
{{file}} File path of the note (URL encoded, without leading slash) My%20Folder/
{{branch}} Name of the current Git branch (if you use Git) main