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Teaching with Learning in Mind

A series of notes and presentations from [efrat-furst] exploring the neuroscientific basis of learning:

Explore the science of learning, with explanations, illustrated models and concrete examples, references to scientific literature, popular literature and blogs, site

[learning-in-the-brain] - the relationship between [working-memory] and [long-term-memory], the importance of first [making-meaning] to create connections to existing knowledge, followed by effective [retrieval-practice] to reinforce access pathways for effective use of the learning. page

Presents a practical model of how memory works, separated into [working-memory] (processing) and [long-term-memory] (storage).

Emphasis on the effective use of [working-memory] processing for [making-meaning] and creating memories in [long-term-memory].

The importance of [[Retrieval Practice]] to reinforce not just a piece of knowledge, but the neurological pathway used to retrieve that knowledge. A typical practical example might be

“The Testing Effect” – an established series of findings from cognitive psychology that shows enhancement of long-term memory performance after practicing by using retrieval as compared to rote rehearsal. page

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Teaching with Learning in Mind