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The Personal Knowledge Management approach to Sense-Making is a practical application of [connectivism] in that it is inherently embedded in a knowledge network.

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My experience is that sense-making operates in at least two interacting loops:

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Fast loop

The fast loop operates many times daily driven by an immediate problem or knowledge challenge. Typically the knowledge artifacts from this loop are those required to solve the immediate problem, e.g. application of knowledge in code, with minimal additional note-taking.

Slow loop

The longer slow loop is typical of the work conducted in a set of [permanent-notes] such as this [digital-garden].

Impediments to learning

The natural tendency within the fast loop to do just what the immediate task requires without significant note-taking can be an impediment to deeper learning. The preferred mitigation is to develop habits of [daily-logging] and [periodic-reflection] are a potential mitigation.

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[knowledge-work-should-accrete] — We should strive to design practices and systems which yield compounding returns on our efforts as they accumulate over time.

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