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Azure Storage Emulator

Azure Storage Emulator


The Azure Storage Emulator is a free tool that runs locally to mimic an Azure storage account, and is used when developing programmes that call such accounts, including Azure functions.

The legacy Azure Storage Emulator has been replaced by an npm-based tool called Azurite

Useful tips

If an Azure Funcitons project won't start locally with errors such as "Azure.Core: Retry failed after 6 tries. Retry settings can be adjusted in ClientOptions.Retry" this may be because Azurite is not running, or not running on the expected ports. (10000-10002).

This is often because of another Functions project already starting the emuilator (e.g. two instances of Visual Studio open).

Look for errors in the Output / Service Dependencies window in Visual Studio.

You can check what is running on port 10000 like this:

netstat -p tcp -ano | findstr :10000

which will return a result like this if there is a process using that port:


In that example you can use kill <task id> to kill that process.

(See this thread)

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