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Importing Linode resources to Terraform

Importing Linode resources to Terraform

  1. Make sure your local copy of the terraform-cli is up to date

  2. Make sure your Terraform definition files include a backend definition, e.g (for Terraform cloud).

    terraform {
      cloud {
        organization = "MYORG"
        workspaces {
          name = "MYWORKSPACE"
  3. if you haven't already, run terraform init

  4. Ensure that Python 3 and pip3 are both installed on your local machine (Linode API prerequisite)

  5. Get a Linode API token

    • Set environment variables LINODE_TOKEN and LINODE_CLI_TOKEN with the value of the token
  6. Install Linode CLI (you may want to define and activate a Python Virtual Environment first)

  7. Get a list of your resources using CLI commands, e.g.

    • servers - linode-cli linodes list --json --pretty
    • domains - linode-cli domains list --json --pretty
    • domain records - linode-cli domains records-list DOMAINID --json --pretty
    • node balancers - linode-cli nodebalancers list --json --pretty
    • node balancer config - linode-cli nodebalancers configs-list NODEBALANCERID --json --pretty
    • node balancer nodes - linode-cli nodebalancers nodes-list NODEBALANCERID NODEBALANCERCONFIGID --json --pretty
  8. From the output of the previous command(s), make a note of the id for each resource

  9. For each resource

    1. create a placeholder in the Terraform model
    2. run terraform import linode_instance.LABEL ID
    3. fill in the details of the resource definition based on data from terraform show
  10. test your model by running terraform plan - should get zero changes proposed when your model is complete

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