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Schon - The Reflective Practitioner

Basically, in this book Schön questions:

  • in practice of various kind, what form does reflection in action take? What are the differences? and what features of the process are similar?
  • Reflection in action may be directed to strategies, theories, frames or role of frames. How do these processes interact with one another, and how does technical problem solving relate to them?
  • Is there a kind of rigor peculiar to reflection-in-action and, if so, how is it like and unlike rigorous technical problem solving?
  • What sets the limits of our ability to reflect-in-action? How do individuals and institutional constraints interact with one another? And in what directions should we look to increase the scope and depths of reflection-in-action.

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Reflective framework


  1. Schön, D (1983). The reflective practitioner: how professionals think in action. New York: Basic Books.