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Using aztfy to import azure resources to Terraform

Using aztfy to import azure resources to Terraform


The aztfy tool provides a means to import existing Azure resources into a local copy of the Terraform plan, AND into the defined Terraform state location.

Compared to Manual import of Azure Resources to Terraform it offers speed, but also these compromises:

  • resource names are machine-generated and don't convey any meaning
  • some resources won't be imported
  • amending an existing plan/state only works with a local backend


See the README


Typical use, to import all the resource in a resource group, into an empty folder:

aztfy resource-group <resource group name

Apaprently, if you are using local state you can update an existing plan / state by using the --append option

aztfy resource-group <resource group name> --append

  • caution, I haven't tried this as all the applications of Terraform I have use remote state in Terraform cloud

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