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Use steampipe to query

Use steampipe to query

Using the Hypothesis plugin Steampipe can run sql-like queries over your personal annotations and any public annotations.


  1. install / update steampipe

    (on Windows this needs to be in a WSL2 environment)

    cd ~
    sudo /bin/sh -c "$(curl -fsSL"
  2. Install the Hypothesis plugin

    steampipe plugin install hypothesis
  3. Find your developer key

    • log in to
    • visit
  4. Add your developer key to the Steampipe config

    vi .steampipe/config/hypothesis.spc
     # uncomment #token and provide your API token
     # save the file


To get started with exploring what can be done:

  1. create a working directory
  2. copy the example dashboard files from here

Run the sample dashboard

steampipe dashboard

Note I had to edit the sample dashboard files to make this work

Running custom queries

The details of the steampipe table for are here.

To run custom queries either type them at the interactive query prompt obtained by entering steampipe query, or save them in a plain text file, e.g. testquery.sql, which you can then run like this:

steampipe query testquery.sql --output csv -- > output.csv

See also Sample Steampipe queries for Hypothesis

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