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Know the problem

Know the Problem

#todo Rewrite this as a quote - Thompson Morrison

The reason that we fail is not because we are a failure – we fail because we don’t know the problem deeply enough. When crafting a solution, we are making too many assumptions that are incorrect.

The only way for us to know which of these assumptions is incorrect is by trying a solution that we think might work. When it fails, which it likely will, some of our incorrect assumptions are revealed. We then try again, this time understanding the problem more deeply. So our next solution is incrementally better. But again, perhaps not the right one. So we have to try another time. Each time, we are smarter.

But that is okay, because if we can iterate these quickly, we can know the true nature of the problem faster, ultimately allowing us to create solutions at a speed never before possible.Learning Cycles

But to fail, we must pull back the Shadow Curtain.