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Mike Caulfield The Garden and The Stream

Mike Caulfield - The Garden and the Stream

Influential blog post by Mike Caulfield within which he defined the Garden metaphor (as used in Digital Garden) as:

The Garden is the web as topology. The web as space. It’s the integrative web, the iterative web, the web as an arrangement and rearrangement of things to one another. Things in the Garden don’t collapse to a single set of relations or canonical sequence, and that’s part of what we mean when we say “the web as topology” or the “web as space”. Every walk through the garden creates new paths, new meanings, and when we add things to the garden we add them in a way that allows many future, unpredicted relationships

He contrasts this with Stream Mode:

The Stream is a newer metaphor with old roots. We can think of the”event stream” of programming, the “lifestream” proposed by researchers in the 1990s. More recently, the term stream has been applied to the never ending parade of twitter, news alerts, and Facebook feeds. In the stream metaphor you don’t experience the Stream by walking around it and looking at it, or following it to its end. You jump in and let it flow past. You feel the force of it hit you as things float by.

**In other words, the Stream replaces topology with serialization. **

Caulfield states that in his opinion "the original garden" was the Memex (Vannevar Bush As We May Think)