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Blooms taxonomy

Bloom's Taxonomy

A framework for categorising educational goals and classifying different levels of endeavour, widely used in teacher training.

Originally devised in 1950's, revised in 2001 [1] with an emphasis on dynamic cognition and classification, signified by the levels being labeleed with verbs.

Bloom's taxonomy Image credit: Vanderbilt University Center for Teaching CC-BY


Some of the criticisms levelled at the model are:

  • not a properr taxonomy, with a systematic rationale
  • implies a hierarchy that is not proven
  • many cognitive tasks invovle multiple levels, suggesting the differences are artificial

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  1. A taxonomy for learning, teaching, and assessing : a revision of Bloom's taxonomy of educational objectives / editors, Lorin W. Anderson, David Krathwohl ; contributors, Peter W. Airasian ... [et al.] New York, Longman, 2001 ↩︎