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Careening Toward a Meaningless World

Careening Toward a Meaningless World



  • Author: Harold Jarche
  • Full Title: Careening Toward a Meaningless World
  • Category: #articles
  • Document Tags: meaning-making pkmastery PKMastery
  • Summary: In a world flooded with information from advanced AI models, the concept of meaning-making becomes crucial. Meaning-making involves interpreting events based on past knowledge and experiences, shaping our identity and connection to the world. The rise of artificial intelligence has contributed to a sense of meaninglessness, as meaningful connections between individuals are eroded. Andrew Perfors discusses different types of meaning-making, highlighting the importance of authentic creation and shared meaning to combat a world veering towards meaninglessness.
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  • As we get inundated with new knowledge and information regurgitated by large language models and generative pre-trained transformers — time for meaning-making becomes critical. (View Highlight)
  • meaninglessness is the water in which the modern world swims. —Andrew Perfors 2024-02-14 (View Highlight)
  • Type 1. There is a creator but no audience (Individual Meaning)Type 2. There is an audience but no creator (Projected Meaning)Type 3. There is both a creator and an audience (Deep Meaning) (View Highlight)
    • Note: Types of meaning-making 1 - personal notes 2 - LLM etc 3 - published/shared notes