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Thompson How I Research a New Subject

How I Research A New Subject - There’s no magic bullet


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Note captured: 07/03/2023

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  1. Start by getting a 50,000-foot-in-the air view

core concepts
major thinkers
common jargon

  1. Go deeper with scholarly and industry material

read more technical work on the subject
- scholarly papers
- technical journals

  1. Take tons of notes

clip stuff from sources AND synthesise in own words (critical)

  1. Look for experts and people with authority

keep note of names
- experts
- authorities

  1. Follow up on everything

tolerate digression to read up on lateral links

  1. Persist, persist, persist

no magic bullet to avoid putting in the time
comprehension tends to go in bursts

  1. Seek “saturation”

The moment when you feel like you’re no longer encountering novel information.
Good sign that you are ready to produce your product